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Model 1010 Typical Applications

#1010 Specifications

  • Controls Filtered, Lubricated Compressed Air @ 40-125 PSIG
  • Temperature Range from 35° to 180° F
  • Valve Size - 1/2" NPT
  • Valve Type - air Pilot Operated, 2-way or 3-way Opt.
  • Maximum Flow - 125 CFM @ 125 PSIG
  • On - Off Differential - 5" WC std., 10" WC Optional

#1010 Operation:

The diaphragm (in the upper valve head section) is raised by pressure created by water rising in the sensing tube. When full differential is reached, the pilot valve is tripped, operating the main 1/2" valve-starting or stopping the pump.

Ordering Information:

  • Select Model #1010 or Model #1010R
  • Specify Sensing Tube Material (only Wetted Part). Mild Steel is Standard, PVC or 316 SS, Optional.
  • Select Diaphragm. Buna N is Standard, Teflon is Optional, (Diaphragm is not a wetted part).

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